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Celebrate Love and Happiness with Our Delicious Wedding Cakes

For one of the most important days of your life, you deserve a cake that is nothing less perfect.

Our wedding cakes at The Pine Garden are the perfect centrepiece for your reception, not only because they are stunningly beautiful but because they taste absolutely divine.

Using only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients perfected through 39+ years of baking experience, trust us to deliver a wedding cake that will be an unforgettable part of your special day.



Yellow Sunshine Flowers

Wedding Cake Two-Tier Tumbler (8.5"D / 6"H)  ...


Airbrush Rose Gold Floral

Wedding Cake Two-Tier (6"/10")  ...


Whimsical Floral

Wedding Cake Three-Tier (4"/8"/12") ...


Your options are boundless with our delicious cakes!

Looking for Your Dream Wedding Cake?

Crafting Unique Delights For Generations

We offer everything from traditional Guo Da Li sets to different wedding favours and wedding cakes customised to your preferred number of cake tiers, colours, and finishes.

Kindly send us an email to arrange a meeting where we can discuss and come up with ideas for your ideal wedding cake and finalise the details.

After which, please note that we require a lead time of 7 days to prepare your order.


Tradition is in Our Name, but Innovation is in Our Bloodline



39+ years of baking experience

Having a wealth of experience and expertise in baking and running our bakery for close to four decades guarantees consistently high-quality baked goods every time.


Innovation in our products

We don't only rely on our customers' nostalgia of growing up with the bakery's products for them to come back.

We make sure to adapt to changing trends over the years with our signature Singapore flair to keep things exciting.


Where tradition and modernity meet

There's a reason why The Pine Garden's cakes and pastries have been at the centre of Singaporeans' family celebrations and dessert tables for decades.

We have perfected age-old baking techniques and adapted handed-down recipes to bring you that sense of comfort and familiarity across time and space.


Family-owned and operated

As a family-owned and operated bakery, our personal touch and sense of family are infused into the business.


This means a deep understanding of what our beloved customers want and, thus, a higher level of quality and attention to detail in the products and services we offer.


A unique understanding of Singaporean heritage

At The Pine Garden, we aim to uphold our tradition while working to capture the changing tastes of Singaporeans year after year.




customised wedding cake

Usher in the Next Chapter of Your Love Story with The Pine Garden's Wedding Cakes!


A wedding cake is not only a show stopper at weddings, but it also symbolises good fortune and fertility for the newlyweds, so getting it right is important.

With quality and tradition as our strengths, you can be confident in our ability to meet your expectations.

Depending on your wedding theme, your bespoke cakes may take a week to create, so kindly order 7 days in advance to ensure freshness.

If you're looking for something quicker, you can also browse our selection of ready-made wedding cakes, birthday cakes and other celebration cakes available for online ordering.

One, Two, or Three Tiers: How to Decide Your Wedding Cake Size

cake adorned with rose sugar flowers


One Tier


A one-tier cake is best for couples who are having a small and intimate wedding with a short guest list.

Style-wise, it would best fit minimalist and modern wedding themes.

It's also a practical choice for those who are having outdoor weddings or venues with limited space and those who want to use their budget on other aspects of their wedding.

rustic  2-tier wedding cake decorated with baby's breaths for that floral touch


Two Tiers


Two-tiered cakes have the classic look and feel to it so these are the best option for couples having a traditional wedding with around 50 to 100 guests.

These are also great for those looking for a budget-friendly cake that doesn't skimp on decorations or portions.

wedding cake


Three Tiers


To determine your wedding cake size, the rule of thumb is to look at how many guests you're having on your big day.

But you don't need to cater to everyone; preparing for about 75 to 85 percent of your guest list is enough.