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Make Your Guo Da Li Extra Special with Our Traditional Chinese Wedding Cakes

Are you excited about your Guo Da Li (过大礼) but feeling overwhelmed with all the preparations?

As a heartland bakery that has been creating traditional wedding pastries since 1984, we know that preparing for a Guo Da Li ceremony can get quite stressful!

Not to worry - The Pine Garden has got you covered! All you need to do is focus on the people that matter.


Make your betrothal ceremony a step easier; order your traditional pastries from us today!


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Exquisite Cakes & Pastries Set


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Traditional Marble Butter Cake Set


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Dragon & Phoenix Candle Set


Your options are boundless with our delicious cakes!

Looking for traditional Chinese wedding cakes?

Have a unique way to showcase the groom's gratitude to the bride's parents?

Our bakers and artisans can create the perfect cake and pastry for every celebration you can think of. Get in touch with us, and we'll make it happen!

As all our Guo Da Li cakes and wedding favours are freshly made, please allow us 7 days' lead time to prepare your order.


Tradition is in Our Name, but Innovation is in Our Bloodline



39+ years of baking experience

Having a wealth of experience and expertise in baking and running our bakery for close to four decades guarantees consistently high-quality baked goods every time.


Innovation in our products

We don't only rely on our customers' nostalgia of growing up with the bakery's products for them to come back.

We make sure to adapt to changing trends over the years with our signature Singapore flair to keep things exciting.


Where tradition and modernity meet

There's a reason why The Pine Garden's cakes and pastries have been at the centre of Singaporeans' family celebrations and dessert tables for decades.

We have perfected age-old baking techniques and adapted handed-down recipes to bring you that sense of comfort and familiarity across time and space.


Family-owned and operated

As a family-owned and operated bakery, our personal touch and sense of family are infused into the business.


This means a deep understanding of what our beloved customers want and, thus, a higher level of quality and attention to detail in the products and services we offer.


A unique understanding of Singaporean heritage

At The Pine Garden, we aim to uphold our tradition while working to capture the changing tastes of Singaporeans year after year.




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No Guo Da Li is Complete without The Pine Garden's Guo Da Li Traditional Pastries!


Your Guo Da Li (过大礼) is an important milestone that deserves careful preparation.

After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to show your sincerity and appreciation to your bride's family.

For this important event, don't look further than The Pine Garden!

With quality and tradition as our strong suits, you know we won't let you down.

Order 7 days in advance to ensure the freshness of your delectable baked goods. You may also order online directly for our off-the-shelf products.

Tips for Picking Traditional Chinese Pastries According to the Bride's Dialect Group

In their Guo Da Li ceremony, most couples will typically include xi bing (喜 饼) stamped with the Chinese word 囍 (double happiness), oranges, and a pair of dragon and phoenix candles, along with the wedding invitation.

However, each dialect group has their own unique set of wedding favour requirements, so the betrothal gifts can vary depending on the group's customs.


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For Hokkien Brides


  • Two packets each of Rice and Sesame Biscuits (米佬麻佬): Represent luck, wealth, and prosperity.

  • Two packets of Traditional Peanut Sugee (传统福建贡糖): Symbolise a fulfilling and harmonious marriage.

  • Two packets of Ji Hong Sweets (吉红糕): Signify good fortune, success, and eternal love in the couple's marriage 


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For Teochew Brides


  • Two packets of Sesame and Peanut Candy (芝麻花生条): Represent the wish for many offsprings.

  • Two packets of Tangerine Slices (圆满吉饼): A symbol of good luck and fortune.

  • Two packets of 5 Coloured Candies (五色糖) containing Dou Gong (豆贡), Ming Tang (明糖), Lao Ma Gao (老妈糕), Dou Run (豆润), and Dou Sha Bing (豆沙饼).




For Cantonese/Hakka Brides

  • 4 Coloured Biscuits (四色饼), which are made up of different coloured Dou Sha Bing (豆沙饼), and Dragon and Phoenix Cakes (龙凤嫁女饼), which are baked pastries filled with lotus paste and decorated with a pair of Dragon and Phoenix.

    • Used especially by the Cantonese as gifts before their daughter’s wedding, these biscuits represent the four blessings of happiness, wealth, longevity and good luck.




For Hainanese Brides


  • Hainan Ginteh (海南煎堆) and Ta Yun Pian (云片糕): Symbolise abundance of wealth only in Hainanese tradition.