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A Sweet Treat with an Unforgettable Bite

Taste the Difference With The Pine Garden's Time-Honored Recipes


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Lime Cocojito Cake

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Passion Pink Guava Cake

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Pandan Coconut Bliss Cake


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Yellow Sunshine Flowers

Wedding Cake Two-Tier Tumbler (8.5"D / 6"H)

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Airbrush Rose Gold Floral

Wedding Cake Two-Tier (6"/10")


Whimsical Floral

Wedding Cake Three-Tier (4"/8"/12")


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Baby's Full Month

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From Our Family to Yours: Experience the Richness of Tradition

Crafting Unique Delights for Generations

In a world where everything seems to be constantly changing, it's a rare comfort to come across things that have remained constant.

The familiar taste of butter cakes and sugar rolls, the nostalgic memories of childhood sweets and Kampong games, and the simple pleasure of a morning stroll.

As your local baker, we share in your joy for all occasions.

We strive to bring new life to old favourites, reimagine beloved recipes, and reintroduce them to you with a renewed sense of wonder.

Our approach blends innovation with tradition, resulting in a unique celebration of flavours and experiences that are deeply rooted in our local culture.

At The Pine Garden, we stand by the philosophy of staying committed to our community while sharing our passion for transforming old conventions.

We call it 'The New Old School'--a cultural movement that honours our heritage while embracing new possibilities.

Tradition is in Our Name, but Innovation is in Our Bloodline


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39+ years of baking experience

Having a wealth of experience and expertise in baking and running our bakery for close to four decades guarantees consistently high-quality baked goods and delicious cakes every time--from our good ol' chiffon cakes, and buttercream cakes to our kueh-kuehs and traditional bakes.


Innovation in our products

We don't only rely on our customers' nostalgia of growing up with the bakery's products for them to come back. We make sure to adapt to changing trends over the years with our signature Singapore flair to keep things exciting.

In fact, we pride ourselves on experimenting with flavour combinations that are not typically found in Asian desserts, as well as infusing Asian flavours into our cakes in new and unexpected ways.

Where tradition and modernity meet

There's a reason why The Pine Garden's cakes and pastries have been at the centre of Singaporeans' family celebrations and dessert tables for decades.

Our highly skilled bakers have perfected age-old baking techniques and adapted handed-down recipes using only the finest ingredients to satisfy your sweet tooth and bring you that sense of comfort and familiarity across time and space.

Our commitment to tradition is evident in our handmade mooncakes, which are crafted using traditional wooden moulds instead of modern machines.


Family-owned and operated

As a family-owned and operated bakery, our personal touch and sense of family are infused into the business.

This means a deep understanding of what our beloved customers want and, thus, a higher level of quality and attention to detail in the products and services we offer.

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A unique understanding of Singaporean heritage


At The Pine Garden, we aim to uphold our tradition while working to capture the changing tastes of Singaporeans year after year.