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Baby Full Moon Cake │ Baby First Month Cake Singapore


baby full moon cake set

The Perfect Cake for Your Precious Baby's First Month Celebration

Your baby girl or boy's full month is a time for family and friends to come together to celebrate their health and growth.

Our full-month packages at The Pine Garden are made to celebrate these sweetest moments.

Bestow good luck and prosperity upon your child with our assortment of traditional treats, baked fresh daily.


Make your betrothal ceremony a step easier; order your traditional pastries from us today!


BFM 12

9pcs Premium Cake Set


BFM 15

Traditional Set with Mini Marble Cake


BFM 14

5pcs Mini Cupcakes & Red Eggs Set


Looking for Full Month Boxes to Announce Your Baby's Arrival?

customised cupcakes with icing deco

For a milestone as important as this, trust us to create the perfect month package for your baby's full moon celebration.

Choose from a range of full-month gift sets with everything from modern pastries, like fruit tarts or mini cupcakes, to full-month signature treats, like traditional Ang Ku Kueh, red eggs and traditional glutinous rice!

Please note that our full-month cake sets are made to order and require a lead time of 7 days to ensure that they are freshly prepared for your celebration.

Tradition is in Our Name, but Innovation is in Our Bloodline



39+ years of baking experience

Having a wealth of experience and expertise in baking and running our bakery for close to four decades guarantees consistently high-quality baked goods every time.


Innovation in our products

We don't only rely on our customers' nostalgia of growing up with the bakery's products for them to come back.

We make sure to adapt to changing trends over the years with our signature Singapore flair to keep things exciting.


Where tradition and modernity meet

There's a reason why The Pine Garden's cakes and pastries have been at the centre of Singaporeans' family celebrations and dessert tables for decades.

We have perfected age-old baking techniques and adapted handed-down recipes to bring you that sense of comfort and familiarity across time and space.


Family-owned and operated

As a family-owned and operated bakery, our personal touch and sense of family are infused into the business.


This means a deep understanding of what our beloved customers want and, thus, a higher level of quality and attention to detail in the products and services we offer.


A unique understanding of Singaporean heritage

At The Pine Garden, we aim to uphold our tradition while working to capture the changing tastes of Singaporeans year after year.




full month gift set

No Baby Full Month Celebration is Complete Without The Pine Garden's Cakes!


Your baby's full month is an opportunity for family, friends, and your community to come together and offer blessings to your child.

For this important milestone, don't look further than The Pine Garden!

For this important event, don't look further than The Pine Garden!

Trust in our unparalleled commitment to quality and tradition, and be assured that we will exceed your expectations with ease.

Order 7 days in advance to ensure the freshness of your delectable baked goods. You may also order online directly for our off-the-shelf products.