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Crispy Skin XO-Sauce Paste w Sanxing Scallion Mooncake

They say less is more. But we say the more the happier. Out with the plain Crispy Skin Yam mooncakes, because this year we present you a suited-up version of Crispy Skin mooncake. Sourced from Taiwan’s Yilan 三星 Township where they are famous for their Sanxing Scallion (三星葱), a special mooncake paste concoction is created by frying these scallions with our homemade XO-sauce and lup cheong. Wrapped with a crispy flaky skin, we dare say this savory number is the mother of all mooncakes! Price stated is for 1pc of Mooncake. Every 4pcs of Mooncake will be packed in 1 Premium Box, so feel free to mix and match flavours for each box. Please note all mooncakes are handmade with no preservatives and we recommend consumption within 1 to 1.5weeks from collection. Available for collection from 29 Aug to 29 Sep '23.

Advance Notice: 3 days